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Why run?
Government impacts all of us.  I have been observing and experiencing the consequences of choices  made by Utah's elected officials.  My wife and I  have lived the majority of our married life in Davis County.  We have raised our 3 boys and have enjoyed the wonderful people and community we live in.  Being raised in Davis County, I have decided to invest my time, talents and efforts into this great state I call home.  One sided views, personal mandates, outside interest groups, and statement legislation seem to find their way into challenging and undermining Utah's real issues and priorities.  New Utah laws reflect one-sided approaches that do not contain practical solutions.  I am running to offer balance and common sense to the legislative process.

The legislature determines the resource allocation in our state.  Unfortunately, the many critical issues facing Utahans are not being addressed.  A practical and sensible approach to manage the priorities in which we allocate our resources and efforts can be successfully accomplished.   Current issues we should be focusing on include:  education, clean air, economic issues, and balance.   Please see my issues link for details.

I am proud to live in Utah and celebrate my heritage!   We live and work in a great place.  We have wonderful communities, safe environments, excellent public schools, very diverse and unique public recreational lands,  and thriving people who make great communities.  We can all contribute to create an agenda that appropriately and responsibly addresses the issues.  I invite you to take a stand if you feel the same way I do as I pledge my service to shape and improve government in Utah.

Please support me if you feel the same way and would like to join me in helping make a difference for our families and communities.  I can use your time, talents and resources you will make available in making a difference.  Please contact me using the contact page or email me at


Richard Bagley
69 Old Haul Road
Centerville, UT 84014

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